East /West Performing Arts



Founder: Krishnaveni Lakshmanan President: Maresa Moglia Vice-president: Fabio Pianigiani

Natana Vedica: East/West Performing Arts.

The Institute is officially established in Siena in the year 2000, as the result of an ongoing guru /disciple relationship in dance between Krishnaveni Lakshmanan and Maresa Moglia, of the the latter's constant efforts, since 1983, to introduce Bharata Natyam in Italy through ongoing classes, workshops, performances and lecture-demonstrations and of the former's annual sojourns in Italy to hold workshops on the technique and theory of Bharata Natyam.

Aims and objectives

Interest in the indian culture has always been present in the Western imagination however it is not always easy to approach this culture without being, on the one hand, superficial and consumistic and, on the other, too erudite and detached from the indian tradition. Both approaches betray the vital and profound nature of India's artistic expressions. _Natana Vedica, nurturing a deep respect for and empathy with the indian tradition, aims at actively involving participants in programs that promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the indian culture, thus creating a better understanding between the different cultures.

Our programs include:

-on going classical indian dance classes, Bharata Natyam: technique and theory;
-workshops in Bharata Natyam and other classical indian dance styles;
-workshops in classical indian music (technique and theory);
-conferences and lecture demonstrations pertaining to indian dance, indian art in general and the vedic philosophical tradition;
-performances of Bharata Natyam, other classical indian art forms and contemporary art forms pertaining to and/or inspired by the indian tradition.

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